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        【每周一星】Linda - You and me, Gec and the girl

        2022-03-02 11:32:20GEC广东英语社区



        You and me, Gec and the girl

        By : Linda

        The stories of GEC and me

        I am a new volunteer in GEC Organization. GEC are big, strong and mature.

        From I am a student, to now I finding a job. My study road , With GEC, are the long long stories. GEC gave me too much. Such as the time, ?the way of learning and get along with the younger. Do not be shy, believe myself is my thought.

        In my view, Oral English is a difficult item. That sounds like a grand building. You built, the buildings will high; You fail to do it, you will not see the high floor. That is a reality fact. ?Up to now, I went to such English activities totally 20. Not only prepare the test, but also learn the skills of studying English.

        The GEC team is a really helper, it make me get he knowledge of English. How to study well is my prefect aim.

        The stories , the GEC, the girl.?

        About me, Linda

        I am a shy girl, and i want to be a good one. So, I will be study hard and work hard. I like drawing, playing badminton, learning English and so on.

        I am a undergraduate student. Now I preparing the Band Six. I dream, I believe,the dream will come true. Believe it or not, I was a girl also like the design.

        Doing volunteer is my will. So, in my spare time, I will draw some pictures to the children. Anyway, this is my happiness thing.

        English communication is my poor things to study. But now, I just want to study quietly. Reading books, listening music and finding the interest of English. That sounds wonderful.

        About me, Linda. You never know too much. Secret is also in my heart. Humorous is in your heart.

        That is all my introduction. Smile, shy and study hard are all my sign.







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