What is “PoGO Potty Panda’s Positive Potty Training System”?

PoGO’s Positive Potty Training System has three parts: PoGO Panda, PoGO Potty Panda Children’s Book, PoGO’s Potty Stickers. All three were designed to be incorporated into a comprehensive potty training approach,Positive Potty Training,” that Dr. Maria utilized successfully with her own children. Positive Potty Training centers around the principle of positive reinforcement aimed at fostering a child’s self-esteem and self-efficacy. Positive Potty Training is also designed to minimize the occurrence of power struggles in the potty training experience.


What does PoGO do?

PoGO helps with Potty Training! PoGO encourages your child to go potty by saying “Let’s go potty!” and ”It’s time to go potty!” at regular intervals. You can also have PoGO say “Let’s go potty!” and “It’s time to go potty!” at any time by pressing his right ear.

When PoGO’s paws are pressed, PoGO talks! PoGO encourages your child in all aspects of the potty training experience (e.g., for walking to the potty, sitting on the potty, reading their books on the potty, peeing, pooping, washing hands etc.).

PoGO also says the Potty Poem from PoGO Potty Panda Book. You can encourage your child to learn this simple poem and to recite it throughout the day. This reinforces the positive connection between your child and his or her potty.

About Dr. Maria




Dr. Maria is a Licensed Psychologist PSY 26246 and mother of twins, (Dylan and Donovan) now aged 4. PoGO Potty Panda, Book & Sticker Set was inspired by Dr. Maria’s experience potty training her twins.