Parents’ Anxiety about Potty Training!

This may seem obvious, but it is key that the parent/caregiver who is guiding the potty training experience is in a relatively good place mentally and emotionally to start this process. Parenting toddlers is a tough job at times. As you know, there really is no downtime. There are days where it’s hard to know which end is up. When starting potty training, it is essential not to feel pressured by others; it is really important to trust your own sense of when the time is right. It is common for others to give their input on when and how they potty trained and even offer unsolicited advice on how you should potty train. Often parents, who are in the trenches themselves, are vulnerable to taking this on as pressure. It is also very important that as the potty training process is underway, you take the ups and downs of it in your stride. It helps to free up your time to devote exclusively to this process more intensively at the start, e.g., over a long weekend. Think about ways you can free up your schedule to allow you to be present for your child without distraction during this time. If there are other children in the house, it is helpful to have someone to take care of them during potty training time. It’s extremely hard to split your time and attention, and this tends to prolong the process. Seeing potty training as an opportunity to bond with your child, to get to know them better, and to enjoy spending time together doing fun activities helps. Also, it’s a good reminder that you are here to help them acquire this new life skill, and that puts you in a very special place. Last but not least, you know that this will all come together in time. So, trusting that it will eventually happen is really helpful.

Excerpt From: Dr. Maria Darcy’s 5- star rated “Positive Potty Training With PoGO!” potty training e-book available on Amazon, Bookbaby and at here at

Best wishes, Dr. Maria

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