My Potty Training Story and the Creation of PoGO

When we first started potty training two years ago, we anticipated a pretty smooth process. Despite our best intentions, we soon had to admit defeat as my kids were having none of it. They would sit idly on their special toilets, staring at me, probably contemplating why their backpack didn’t talk like Dora’s or wondering why their mother had sat them on this squishy contraption. They would sit and sit; but quite frankly, nothing would come. Despite our best efforts, they resisted and grew to not like “potty-time” fairly quickly. To everyone’s relief, we took a break with potty training – my kids, and not to mention, myself, were simply just not prepared.

A few months later, we decided to try again. I was pretty anxious; as I was concerned that it wouldn’t go well and that my children would have “potty issues” that would plague them for years to come! Oh the pressure!

We had to regroup and put time into developing an approach that would work for my two little trainees. We wanted the experience to be fun, engaging and ultimately, successful for them. We purchased new potties; as my little trainees had outgrown their old potties in our months-long break and got down to business. I was determined that we’d do better this time. I wanted to approach this with an optimistic and confident attitude. We started a couple of weeks ahead of time and put conscious effort into getting our kids excited and motivated to use the potty themselves. We had planned to do a three-day intensive over a long weekend as we wanted them to have sufficient time to get a good foundation in using the potty without distractions. I felt more prepared, but it was still uncharted territory for all of us. Day one was rough when they showed absolutely no enthusiasm for my beautifully crafted rewards chart. They were otherwise occupied – gleefully running around the house, enamored with the new-found feeling of wearing underwear. My son, the ever funny guy, was quite entertained as he made a point of peeing on anything but his new potty.

We definitely had a lot more accidents, than successes. Try 5:1, yet that one success carried a lot of weight for me. I was proud that we were finally getting somewhere and that we were committed to giving this potty process a good shot! Still, I had to remind myself that it was just the beginning and that the next days would likely still be challenging, but would get better over time (fingers crossed).

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Are you having a similar experience with your little ones? This is exactly the reason why Dr. Maria created PoGO Potty Panda and PoGO’s Positive Potty Training Approach. PoGO is an adorable stuffed panda who you can use to create a positive potty-training experience for both you and your child. The program also includes a Potty Training Plan and lots of helpful tips.
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