PoGO’s Personality Assessment for Toddlers!

Please complete the following items in terms of how they fit for your child?

1. My Child is always on the go, has tons of energy.

2. My Child reacts more strongly to sense experiences (esp sounds, touch, texture) e.g., sounds that other toddlers find ok they find distressing

3. My Child works very hard to achieve whatever is important to them

4. My Child is very strong-willed/stubborn

5. My Child is very hesitant with new experiences, trying new things

6. My Child likes to try new things other toddlers their age would find intimidating or scarey

7. My Child looks for nurturance and physical comfort more often and more intensely than others toddlers

8. Compared to other toddlers their age, my child keeps their stuff, e.g., toys, books, crayons, very neat/organized

9. My Child really likes to do things for themselves, e.g., put on shoes, get dressed by themselves, often doing this before other kids their age

10. My Child turns down offers of help more than other toddlers

11. My Child really likes variety and gets bored easily

12. My Child approaches new situations hesitantly and slowly, e.g., meeting new people, going to a new place, e.g., playschool

13. My Child works very hard to develop a new skill, e.g., throwing a ball, riding tricycle, seems very disciplined even at this age

14. My Child becomes impatient and frustrated when things don’t work out according to their plan

15. My Child notices things that other toddlers may overlook or not see and points them out, e.g., may say “we were here before”

16. My Child has difficulty focusing solely on one thing

17. My Child becomes upset more easily than toddlers their age

18. My Child really enjoys working toward a goal, likes achievement

19. My Child is very self-confident and self-assured, more so than other toddlers their age

20. My Child tends to like their own company, often pulls away from groups

21. My Child chooses to be with others, gravitates towards being with others more than being alone, is very social

22. My Child wants to please and receive affirmation and praise

23. My Child sticks with a task even when it gets difficult, is persistent

24. My Child stands up for themselves / is quite assertive e.g., will ask for the ball back if it's taken from them

25. My Child likes to explore and learn new things

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