How to Know When Your Child is Ready for Potty Training

How to Know When Your Child is Ready for Potty Training

It is important to make sure your child is emotionally and developmentally ready for potty training, any sooner and you risk a prolonged and stressful process (for both of you).

Potty training should be a very gradual process; you can even begin reading books about using the potty like our PoGo Potty Panda book at around 18th months. You can also setup the potty before beginning training so that it doesn’t seem like a strange addition. However, in terms of knowing when to really do away with the diapers, there are some signs to look for; use these to let your child lead the way in when to get started.

Your child should show an interest in the potty, bathroom and/or bathroom behaviors with a shift towards greater independence. They may also stay dry for longer periods of time and be able to pull their pants up and down with little help. Children will also start to express their discomfort with a soiled diaper. Mom365 says that your child may start to remove dirty diapers themselves and to “Praise him for understanding that dirty diapers are uncomfortable, and let him know using the potty is a great way to avoid that icky feeling”. Along with that, What to Expect says that potty ready kids love to broadcast their bodily functions. They say, “Some children happily announce when a bowel movement is about to strike (“I pooping now!”).Others communicate through less-verbal means — say, by retreating to a corner or producing a preemptive grunt. No matter what the signal, if your child shows he’s aware of his body’s functions, he’s ready for potty training”.

Other important indicators include a child mastering key cognitive skills such as following simple directions and can plan and follow through on simple plans. Furthermore, they have mastered key language skills and can communicate needs.

Keep in mind that all children reach these milestones at their own pace and the timeline for readiness is quite wide. It is also essential that your family is ready to begin the potty training process. For our parent’s readiness criteria list, click here.

What signs does your child show that makes you winder if he’s ready for the potty?

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